Sirens’ Songs

Author-artist Elisabeth Stevens lived for several decades in Baltimore and now lives and works in Sarasota, FL.  Stevens is the author of six books of poery, six books of short fiction, and many articles and reviews about art, artists, and writers.  She is a graduatae of WEllesley College and Columbia University.

A former art and architecture critic for THE BALTIMORE SUN and a former art critic for THE WASHINGTON POST, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, and THE TRENTON TIMES, Stevens is instinctively a “word-picture” person.   She has designed and illustrated many of her books with original graphics.  This 2011 BrickHouse Books edition of SIRENS’ SONGS represents a paperback facsimile of the 2010 SIRENS’ SONGS, LIVRE D’ARTISTE published by Goss Press in a limited edition of 20 copies with original etchings in a clamshell box.

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