Clarence Brown, NEEDS

BhB is ecstatic to announce that Clarence Brown’s kick-ass novella NEEDS came out January 5. In a matter of hours, we began hearing buzz about movie/TV possibilities. If you think HOMICIDE was powerful, you ain’t seen nothin yet.

For starters, the central character is a female Baltimore City police detective who is also a heroin addict and an unwilling psychic. But it’s not just the story that makes this book great. It’s the great writing. Brown’s juggling of multiple voices and multiple points of view is breathtaking.

The book’ll be available directly from the distributor,, in a day or so, as well as from major chains. One reader/writer/critic just emailed me that NEEDS is a “fail to read this at your own risk” book. Don’t take chances — read it!



4 thoughts on “Clarence Brown, NEEDS

  1. Just finished this novella – LOVED IT!!!
    The sensivity to detail, and obvious “inside knowledge” gave this read credibility for one who is also from the streets. It was a story well told from all points.
    There needs to be a sequel!

    • We’re so glad you enjoyed it, JuaNita. I believe Clarence is planning a sequel. I’ll let him know he’s got at least one more reader waiting for it (I can’t wait, myself).

  2. I picked up my copy of Needs this weekend at the Farpoint Science Fiction convention where Clarence was an inspiring guest on the writing panels. He gave a phenomenal reading of several chapters of his book and also read from his masterful poetry. Is BrickHouse Books planning an ebook release of Needs? Are you going to publish his poetry? I also think Clarence, with his powerful and amazing voice, would do an incredible job of voicing an audio version of Needs. When he read from his novel, I was immediately transported into the story and the world. I am looking forward to the sequel.

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