Reading this Wednesday, 2/8!

Looking for some fun and mental stimulation? Be at the Poe Room on the second floor of Pratt Library’s Central branch 6:30 Wednesday for an evening of poetry and conversation. Clarinda Harriss (BhB’s director) and Bruce Sager (winner of the City Lit Project 2010 Harriss Poetry Prize) will be reading and discussing their work.  Clarence Brown, whose own book NEEDS is creating quite a stir, should also be in attendance.

While you’re at the gorgeous Central Library, check out the street-level display windows. Fancy getting your own poetry shown there? They’re running a poetry contest through February 21, and the winner will also get their work published in the Little Patuxent Review and read at the next CityLit Festival. Not too shabby!

3 thoughts on “Reading this Wednesday, 2/8!

  1. I guess I entered it in the wrong place…Perhaps being a poor typist, among other things I can do a cut and paste..or maybe I should find and retype every word…
    “Actually I believe that this is a well written, novella based upon fact. However, due to it’s graphic depictions, I personaly that it’s best served audience is those of recovering addicts. I believe that Clarence Brown , in all of his honesty, will be the hope-giving life preserver of all addicts of the world’s addicts. This book is an eye opener for those that want to escape skid row and addiction. A lot of the homeless forget how to embark upon the return road to life. With the help of Brown’s work, many may find their way back to hope and productive life in society. Thus, I give “three hats off” to Mr. Brown’s work and honesty”.
    May the institutions (to include those that serve military personell and veterans) give use to Mr. Brown’s voice.
    Haha, I guess I am a bit computer saavy in my old age. [Didn’t have to retype all of this.]

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