Hot blog from cold Sweden!

Novelist Kevin Frato recently mentioned Hot Sonnets in his blog posting “Hot Sonnets for Cold Weather.” Hot Sonnets is an anthology of poetry published by Entasis Press in 2011 and co-edited by BrickHouse Books’ own Clarinda Harriss with Moira Egan. It includes works by well over 30 poets that revive and revitalize the sonnet form, including e.e. cummings, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Thom Gunn, Clarinda Harriss, and many others.

Frato lauds the anthology, saying, “I expected it to be chic-lit in poetry form, but it’s far more complex than that: the poems most vividly convey the mind-body struggle, and the sonnet form chafes the subject matter just the way the poets do against their own earthly desires.” He then goes on to give the collection perhaps the highest praise a work can receive from a writer: “…it got me writing poetry again….[a]nd it inspired me to write a long poem that it appears will be published in the book I have coming out this January or so.”  What more could one ask for?

Hot Sonnets is available from Amazon and a great way to counter the chill of early fall!


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