Praise for Clarence Brown!

Dan Cuddy, poet and editor had the following to say about Clarence Brown’s NEEDS:

“I thought his reading from his novel was gripping. The subject matter doesn’t interest me in itself but Brown’s writing brought the characters and scenes alive. You felt for the characters too. They weren’t newspaper-like figures but real people though, of course, they are fictional. However, it seems obvious that he has had the misfortune in some way to be witness to that horrid world. Brown’s detail and his verbal dexterity rivet. I can see why you and others are bowled over by his writing. Good writing can lift a repugnant subject from the mire, give people who society stigmatizes as ‘drug addicts’ and make them alive for us to where we feel for them. There is both a participation in and a detachment from the scene. Those contradictory qualities help allow us to share the story. The bottom-line for the book’s success is Clarence Brown’s writing skill.”


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