Kind words for GLTTL STP

Amazon user Margaret “Margie” E. Ott recently wrote a review for BrickHouse Books author Doritt Carroll’s collection of poems, GLTTL STP. On top of the review, Margie gave GLTTL STP five out of five stars. Her comment then became a top reviewed ranking comment. Margie had this to say:

“Sprinkled throughout with wry humor, Glttl Stp explores the things left unsaid, the spaces between people, the distance between birth and death. In this volume of powerful poems, Doritt Carroll gives voice to the pains of middle age – illness, aging parents, departing children, regret, death. Excerpt:

old bag

she rattled around the house
like the last chip in the bag

planning to ignore the phone
if it rang
except it didn’t

she would bathe
if a reason came up

the t.v. so loud
the pixels floated
in the room
like the sparkles of dust
the afternoon sun
was just catching

specks of the show
and specks of the real
right next to each other
in the air like jots of color
in an impressionist’s painting

the forsythias stuck yellow
out through snow
like caution signs saying
don’t wind up
like this”

Check out the review here and buy GLTTL STOP here.

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