Geopoetics event.

On Friday, October 10th at 3:00PM to 6:00PM, Towson University would like to welcome you all to join us at the Geopoetics event at the College of Liberal Arts, room 3150 ! Here, poetry and place will be brought together to explore the world through metaphor, subtleties, and descriptive dexterity. This discussion will strive to understand the experience of place and the relationship between geography and poetry.

The keynote speaker will be John Hessler of the Library of Congress (In Parry’s Shadow: Ramblings on the Poetics of Geographic Space), who will be introduced by Michael Ratcliffe of the US Census Bureau. Amongst the poets partaking in the event are our very own Clarinda Harriss, along with Leslie Harrison, Shirley Brewer, and Barbara Morrison.

Complimentary wine and hors d’oeuvres will be served – but don’t let that entice you! I assure you, the event will be one worth coming out for. For more information contact Dr. Alan Marcus, Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Environmental Planning:

–Kate, BhB online editor


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