Please welcome our new Poetry Editor!

I’m proud to present our very wonderful and talented new Poetry Editor: Doritt Carroll. She’s written her very own introduction piece, so as to not steal any of her thunder, let’s cut right to the chase here!

––Kate, BhB Online Editor

I first met Clarinda Harriss when I boldly sent her the manuscript for my first chapbook, which was promptly and resoundingly rejected by her graduate student intern.  My stanzas jumped around too much, the graduate student wrote, and the parts of the poem did too many different things.  But then, beneath the rejection, in a handwriting i have come to recognize well, was a second note that said, “I’m not sure that those points aren’t virtues.  – Clarinda.”   Being the kind of person who is rarely accused of subtlety, I called her.  How close to publishable was it, I asked.  Could i attempt some corrections and try again?  Clarinda said yes, and that spring Brickhouse Books published my chapbook In Caves.  Somehow in that process, we began to refer to each other as “twin sisters whose births have been separated by a very brief almost 25 years.”  The kinship has something to do with a shared tendency to take on waaaay too many assignments, as well as shared joy in a daily email discussion about Poetry’s Poem of the Day – a subject about which we almost always agree.  And then of course there is the joint foodie obsession with concocting new recipes, the desperate, and almost always failed, attempts not to act like helicopter parents to our children, and a sense of humor for which “offbeat” is a rather charitable compliment.  Which is a long way of saying that it is with great pleasure that I hereby formalize my relationship with Brickhouse Books, stepping into an official role as Poetry Editor as opposed to simply insisting in sidebar discussions that all of my opinions are correct.  Onward!


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