‘Tis the Season . . .

Slide2. . . to buy books, of course. For yourself, to read when the white stuff starts falling again. And for others, since ’tis also the season for giving. So in the spirit of the season, we’d like to give you some things, as well. A 30 percent discount on all our titles from now until year’s end, for starters.

This applies to each of our 20 in-print poetry titles, from authors Doritt Carroll, Wesli Court (Lewis Turco), Richard Fein, Warren Harris, Andrei GuruianuAdrian KoestersCarlo Matos, John Mingo, Donald Richardson, Brad Sachs, Jan-Mitchell Sherrill, Elisabeth Stevens, Bradley R. Strahan, J. Tarwood and Peter Weltner. And our nine in-print prose titles, from Clarence Brown, Louie Crowder, Richard Fein, Rachel HennickMiriam N. Kotzin, Louis Macaluso, Alexander Motyl and Elisabeth Stevens.

All you have to do is (1) go to Itasca Books, our distributor’s site; (2) make your selections from the BHB books listed there; and (3) use the code BHB2014 at checkout. If you have any problems, simply contact us and we will be happy to help you.

In addition, we have reworked our website so that it is easier for you to buy our books year-round. We now have a page that describes all your options as well as individual pages for poetry, prose and out-of-print books. On both the Poetry and Prose pages, we have not only listed all our in-print books but also included their cover images and descriptions. And convenient links for each book to its Itasca, Amazon and Barnes & Noble pages. Which means that you can do quick price comparisons and be aware of other special discounts that apply such as the 30 percent one Amazon now also offers.

Note: In the coming year, I will be working with our online editor, Katelyn Surles, to make our site a better place not only for our customers but also our submitters and authors, supporters and book-lovers, in general.

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