On Oct. 13: Experience the Divine with Louie Crowder and Sky Bradshaw

On Oct. 13, BrickHouse Books and LitMore will host Doors to the Mysteries: Vodou and Art, an evening of readings — literary and tarot — with playwright and author Louie Crowder and tarot reader Sky Bradshaw.

Louie Crowder

Louie Crowder

The program will include a discussion of Alchemical theater and its relationship to Vodou ceremonies, Vodou as Divine Theater, and expression through forms of art as language/conversation with the spirit. Crowder will also read from his works.

A longtime resident of New Orleans, Crowder is an ordained vodou priest, as is performance artist and tarot reader Sky Bradshaw, who will discuss some of the nuts and bolts of ceremony and dialogue with the Divine.

Loiue Crowder won BrickHouse’s Stonewall Chapbook Award in 2013 with his one-act play A Better House for Ritchie.  His short play “The First Snuff Film I Ever Saw Was in Charleston, South Carolina,” premiered at the 11th annual Fresh Fruit Festival in New York City.  His first novel, In Irons, was published Spring 2014 by Gallatin and Toulouse Press (New Orleans).  His second novel, Henry Gereighty, was published this spring by Next Left Press (Ascension Parish, La.)

Tuesday, Oct. 13, 7 p.m. at LitMore, 3326 Keswick Road. Admission is free, but donations to LitMore will be appreciated. Liquid refreshments will be available for purchase.


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