An “Uppity Girl” Takes a Stand

On January 21st, a familiar face will be joining the online branch of the Women’s March on Washington. Kathi Wolfe, author of the Stonewall Chapbook winning book “The Uppity Blind Girl Poems,” will, along with a range of others with disabilities, post their stance on Donald Trump’s Presidency.  The Online March on Washington  was created to enable those who can’t make the visit to D.C able to have their voices heard. And what better voice to be heard than one of our own?  The Online March will occur during Trump’s inauguration and is open for everyone with disabilities to participate.

BrickHouse Books Prose Editor to be Featured in “The Quiet Circle ” Literary Magazine

BrickHouse Books Prose Editor Charles Rammelkamp is adding a new notch to his belt with a featured poem in the flagship edition of the online literary magazine, “The Quiet Circle.”  Entitled “A Ghost of the Confederacy,” the poem can be found in it’s entirety in the link below on page 32. Enjoy!