A Pleasure To Meet You!

Thank you for joining author John Adam Wasowicz in celebrating the release of his novel, Daingerfield Island!  You’ve toasted with him at the New Columbia Distillers in DC, shook his hand at the Island Bookstore, and took a trip with him to Daingerfield Island.

Artist Michelle Tran presents a whiteboard with her illustration of a person reading DAINGERFIELD ISLAND.

Daingerfield Island Release Party at New Columbia Distillers, July 14, 2017. Pictured is artist Michelle Tran. Photo by Travers Lingle.

We caught up with John Adam Wasowicz after his recent signing at the Island Bookstore, and he had these lovely words to say:

We met some wonderful people at Island Bookstore on the Outer Banks, NC. The hospitality of the bookstore staff was extraordinary. It was a reminder of the magical power of a bookstore. The stories customers bring inside with them are as special as the stories in the books awaiting their perusal.

Author John Adam Wasowicz and two Island Bookstore employees stand in an independent bookstore, holding up copies of DAINGERFIELD ISLAND.

Author John Adam Wasowicz (right) with Island Bookstore staff (left, middle) at the Island Bookstore signing, July 26, 2017. Photo by Robin Herron.

Thank you all for making this release something to remember!

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