Announcement from Clarinda Harriss, Editor-in-Chief

Dear BhB Submtters:

I must inform you, with much sadness and a lot of nostalgia, that BhB, Inc. will be closing it doors for good as of its fiscal year 2022-23.  That date will mark the fiftieth year of BhB’s lively life. It has been a long run and a good one, and you, with your submissions, have made it both possible and worthwhile. We thank you most sincerely. 

Rest assured that BhB will fulfill all its obligations to manuscripts now accepted or in print. 

Refunds for submissions not responded to previously will be issued ASAP; bear in mind that we will be writing out the checks and mailing them individually, so please continue to be patient.

There will be a celebration early in our fiscal year 2022-23—either virtual or actual or both—of BhB’s golden anniversary, which I hope you will attend: date and location TBA.  Further, TURFA, the Towson University Retired Faculty Association, has asked BhB writers to participate in a twice-a-year Literary Kitchen, hosted by BhB and me, featuring readings by some of our authors with conversation about their writing processes and philosophies. Much more about that soon.

With warmest wishes and deep gratitude,


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