Mary Hoffman

World traveler Mary Hoffman, who makes her home in central Ohio, is a liberal arts graduate of Ohio State University, the institution she served for many years as program director and on-air presence for WOSU-FM, known then as “Classical 89.7.” She also enjoyed ten years of freelance con­cert reviewing and occasional travel writing for the…Read more Mary Hoffman

Apple of Sodom named a “must-read”

Congratulations to BrickHouse Books author Mary Hoffman for the glowing review of her book Apple of Sodom! In the words of Rosemary Barkes, a reviewer with the Pen Woman Magazine, the book is “an educational, eye-opening, heart-wrenching and exciting peek into the lives of those who deviate from the norm” and “a must-read.” Click here to read the full review or…Read more Apple of Sodom named a “must-read”