Open Positions

We are looking for talented people who are willing to work for no compensation other than the opportunity to participate in a dynamic creative environment. Must be self-starters with a drive to excel and a desire to learn. And the ability to laugh.

Marketing & Sales Manager

Primary responsibilities involve business development efforts such as researching literary markets and developing viable plans whereby BHB can meet the identified needs. Also, researching past BHB sales to establish new goals, developing realistic strategies to meet those goals and creating metrics for tracking progress. Secondary responsibilities involve educating and mentoring current and new BHB authors to act as entrepreneurs, participating in the marketing and sales of their own titles. Must be data-driven but love literature as well as numbers, comfortable with both print and electronic products and services and active in opening up opportunities.

Online Editor

Primary responsibilities involve maintaining and improving BHB’s public presence and internal management tools. The online editor will be expected to publish a blog post at least once a month covering the current state of BHB. They will also write introductions to posts and assist the website administrator with responding to comments and posting new events. Secondary responsibilities involve helping BHB authors evaluate or develop, then improve and maintain their public presence.

Requirements for an online editor include punctuality and the ability to write clearly with a strong attention to details such as grammar and spelling. Experience with website design and/or graphics are appreciated but not essential.

If you are interested, take time to learn about us first by exploring this site. Then send an email to Clarinda Harris at and tell her about yourself.


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