Buy Our Books

You can buy our books three different ways:


This the easiest and most cost-effective way. You can by in-print poetry and prose online from our distributor Itasca Books, from Amazon and from Barnes & Noble. Each carries most or all of our current print books, and the latter two also carry select ebook versions.

You can go directly to these sources or look through our in-print poetry and in-print prose lists and click on links that take you to the page of a particular book for a particular source. The latter option lets you make easy price comparisons, and prices can vary considerably.

Note that these sources frequently offer special discounts on both books and shipping.

From area bookstores

We are in the process of preparing a list.

From BrickHouse Books

Unless you are having problems obtaining a particular book, as could be the case with an out-of-print book, we would appreciate if you would first exhaust the other two options first. And then use our electronic contact form rather than calling or writing.