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515c9dzesplLouie Crowder  Between Boats 2016


Killer McQueen survived a shipwreck. That’s why Ty Vandy could like him – despite the fact that he hated guns and didn’t know how to fish. Killer being a sailor, a loner, and a chameleon; Ty being a sport fisherman, a YouTube blogger, and an anger aficionado, their paths should have never crossed. Then Ty Vandy pulled Killer McQueen from the sea, “Look everybody, I caught a man….”

Review by Clarinda Harriss

My publishing company, BrickHouse Books, Inc., selected Louie Crowder’s one-act play, “A Better House for Ritchie,” as the winner of a recent Stonewall Chapbook Competition. Following publication of his play, we became aware of how multifaceted an artist Louie is: not “just” a playwright with a number of successful performances of his work to his credit, but also a novelist, and also a Haiti-ordained voudou priest who makes amazing voudou “dolls.” His writing dares to mix humor, tenderness, violence, longing, passion (fulfilled and un-) in the same narrative, often in the same scene.

 Living on a fishing boat off the Carolina coast is far from my experience, and so is the rough-and-ready-poignant/gutsball gay scene the book depicts; however, Louie put me in the middle of it all and I loved being there. I read BETWEEN BOATS in one middle-of-the-night sitting and was sure I smelled salty when I woke.



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Mary Hoffman Apple of Sodom 2015

Itasca   Amazon   B&N

Emily Crawford, a young American wife and mother, seeks a long-overdue self-respect in this absorbing and dramatic portrait of an expatriate family experi¬encing life in an exotic Arab culture at the start of the 1960s. Revelatory episodes unfold against the entertainments of the well-to-do and influential, among the lives of ordinary citizens, and during explorations of ancient cities in the Holy Land and beyond.

Screenshot 2015-11-01 22.38.30Elisabeth Stevens A Green Isle in the Sea, Love 2015

Itasca   Amazon   B&N

A line from Edgar Allan Poe’s poem, ”To a Lost Love,” provides the title for Elisabeth Stevens’ elegiac, provocative, and sexy new novel of the 1950’s. A Green Isle in the Sea, Love returns to that calm, politically and sexually conservative era of Post World War II optimism before the angry years of racial violence and feminist protest that followed. Stevens, whose sensual and plain-spoken collection of love poems, Sirens’ Songs, was named one of the 100 best indie books of 2011 by Kirkus, depicts Amy, a naive, 22-year-old heroine who comes to New York City from a small upstate town to prove that she can be a great painter.

978-938144-19-6Louie Crowder A Better House for Ritchie 2013

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In this comic and tender one-act play, Ritchie and his partner make up bawdy parodies of typical Christmas songs, bicker, make up, bicker, and finally decide they should move on—not from each other, but from the place where they now live. Amid tough competition, Crowder’s play emerged as the clear winner of the 2013 Stonewall Chapbook Competition.

9781938144103_1Elisabeth Stevens Ride a Bright and Shining Pony 2013

Itasca   Amazon   B&N

When Cynthia, a young, low-level writer for a New York history book publisher, takes a bus to Washington, D.C. in August 1963 to spend her two week vacation with her lover, Lester, a newspaper reporter, she looks forward to making love, possibly quietly getting married. Instead, history intervenes. Cynthia, a conservative Northerner, and Lester, a liberal Southerner, are unavoidably drawn into the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. The peaceful idealism of the March is followed—all in the space of 24 hours–by racial violence, mayhem, and eventually, tragedy.

978-1-935916-05-5Clarence Brown NEEDS 2012

Itasca   Amazon   B&N

NEEDS portrays Baltimore’s drug world as only a recovering addict can show it—from the alleys to the precincts, the neighborhoods to the ‘hoods, the dives to the churches—shown through the eyes of a pair of police detectives who also are a romantic couple (and one of the pair is a heroin addict), the dealers, the down and out, the down but rising. You’ll hear their street voices and their inner voices, and you’ll know more about their world than you ever thought you could. You may also know more about your own.

978-1-938144-04-2Richard Fein Yiddish Genesis 2012

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Yiddish Genesis is a chronological gathering of personal essays, written between 1968 and 2010, which explores Fein’s relationship to Yiddish and the Book of Genesis. The book may be seen as informal forays into his obsessions with this material, these obsessions going back to his childhood. Fein has entered this material as a way of enabling him to claim his obsessions, or them to claim him–not so different from the way his poetry works.


Rachel Hennick Ghetto Medic 2012

Itasca   Amazon   B&N

Ghetto Medic: A Father in the ’Hood is the remarkable true story of the life of Bill Hennick, a firefighter and paramedic in Baltimore, Maryland, a city which today boasts the busiest fire stations in the United States. The story begins in 1945, when Bill, aged four, is badly burned in a terrible fire started by an older child playing with matches. When he reaches adulthood, he begins searching for his purpose in life and identifies fire as “the enemy.” He joins the still-segregated Baltimore City Fire Department at the height of the civil rights movement, witnesses the race riots of 1968 which followed the assassination of Martin Luther King, and battles the ensuing infernos.

M978-1-938144-07-3iriam N. Kotzin The Real Deal 2012

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Abe Featherman, elected as the first Native American President of the United States, discovers that he is a pawn of his wealthy backers who don’t want him to run for a second term. His campaign manager, Franklin, who knows all his secrets, takes charge of the outrageous kabuki designed to get him out of office. Meanwhile Featherman transforms himself from a phony to the real deal.

Lo978-1-938144-06-6uis Macaluso The Warming Sicilian Son 2012

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The Warming Sicilian Son, a novella, is two journeys: One man seeks his fortune in America and finds his home. Another searches for his roots in Sicily and finds himself.


Alexander Motyl My Orchidia 2012

Itasca   Amazon   B&N

My Orchidia features two talkative characters who take a serious walk through an imaginary Lower East Side in Manhattan. Their conversations explore how we remember, grieve, commemorate, believe, despair, and give meaning to a constantly changing and seemingly meaningless world, within which Bowery bums appear to be the only real heroes and the landmark Italian-Ukrainian restaurant, The Orchidia, is the only beacon of hope.

978-1-935916-06-2Elisabeth Stevens Impossible Interludes 2011

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In Impossible Interludes, original copperplate etchings illustrate the unusual experiences of Stevens’ characters. The three plays are individually titled I Told You So, The Other Shore, and The Aura. As in all Stevens’ books, words work with images to depict strange and fascinating circumstances. This is Stevens’ first published book of plays, though she has published six books of poems, six books of short fiction, and many articles. “Like the process of writing an imaginary narrative, the process of etching metal plates with acid produces unpredictable, often surprising results.” The same is true of the way the characters in Impossible Interludes live their lives.