Kathi Wolfe Publishes Essay on Obituaries and Historical Erasure

BhB poet Kathi Wolfe, writing for the Washington Blade, examines the role of obituaries in history, and how they can be a tool to confirm or erase the existence of marginalized people from history. Wolfe focuses on the LGBTQ community, using the personal, historic, and contemporary to examine the importance of an obituary. You can read “Obituaries are lively stories of lives” here.

Lauren Small, new BhB author, featured in John Hopkins News-Letter

Lauren Small, author of the latest BhB release, The Hanging of Ruben Ashford, held a reading on November 9th as part of the Johns Hopkins’ Narratives in Medicine program, Afterwards. The Johns Hopkins News-Letter notes the audience’s reaction as the novel seems to draw parallels between the current COVID-19 pandemic and the 1918 Flu, which is featured in Small’s story, despite Small’s manuscript being finished in 2019. You can read more about the event, as well as a summary of the novel and Small’s inspiration, at the Johns Hopkins News-Letter.

Brickhouse Books: Re-opening for Submissions

BhB, Inc. is happy to announce that it is re-opening for submissions September 15, 2022!   Only the chapbook competitions are shutting down — until further notice.

BhB will be using a new business model necessitated by the overwhelming number of manuscripts pouring in during the pandemic. We will respond without comments other than Accepted for publication, Not Accepted, or Under Consideration. Any submitter will be able to request editorial comments for a per-page fee.  More on that soon!  

Meanwhile, please take note of BhB’s good news:

  • The submission fee will be reduced to $5!
  • The response time will be much, much shorter!

. . .Clarinda Harriss, Editor in Chief, and the BhB staff.

Drew Pisarra Reviews Love and Kumquats

There’s not a poetry collection I’ve gone back to as regularly this past year as Kathi Wolfe’s “Love and Kumquats.”

— Drew Pisarra, poet and author of You’re Pretty Gay (2021, Chaffinch Press)

Pisarra writes this and more in a glowing review of Wolfe’s Love and Kumquats. You can read the full review on Goodreads.

Podcast: How Art Feeds Us with Kathi Wolfe

BhB poet Kathi Wolfe (Love & Kumquats) appeared on Judy Heumann’s The Heumann Perspective podcast. Judy and Kathi discuss Kathi’s journey as a writer, and Kathi reads two of her works: “Tasting Braille” and “Dancing with Martha Graham.”

Listen to or read this episode at The Heumann Perspective: How Art Feeds Us.

Dec. 8 Virtual Literary Salon: Clarinda’s Kitchen

Brickhouse Books’ very own Clarinda Harriss is hosting “Clarinda’s Kitchen” on December 8th in partnership with TURFA (Towson University Retired Faculty Association).

“Our Literary Kitchen will not take place in a chic atelier, at a Paris address in the company of Alice B. Toklas, or amid the glorious clutter of great modern art like the Cone sisters’ Baltimore apartment,” said Clarinda regarding the name of this literary salon. “But these days, isn’t the kitchen where the real talk goes on during most parties?”

This is the first time TURFA will host this virtual event. In a November newsletter to members, TURFA President Jane L. Wolfson, Ph.D. wrote that these salons are “very loosely modeled on and in the spirit of those held by Coco Chanel, Gertrude Stein, and the Cone sisters.” Wolfson also discussed the structure of the events: “At these salons we will meet, hear from and converse with writers — both famous and fledging — for about an hour or so. Our role is to join with our preferred beverage in hand, prepared to listen, talk, and enjoy ourselves.”

Clarinda’s Kitchen will feature BhB poet Kathi Wolfe (most recently, Love & Kumquats) and poet Doug Mowbray, who also serves on BhB’s Board of Directors.

TURFA members will receive a link to the event later this month.

Poetry by Kathi Wolfe Supplements Episode of American Masters

BhB poet Kathi Wolfe (Love & Kumquats) had two poems featured as part of supplemental written works for PBS’ American Masters episode “Becoming Helen Keller” (season 35, episode 20, aired October 19, 2021). Wolfe’s poems “The Sun is Warm: Nagasaki, 1948” and “Dancing with Martha Graham” are written from the imagined perspective of Keller.

You can read Wolfe’s introductions and poems here: “Two poems influenced by Helen Keller’s legacy.”

Notice Regarding the Wicked Woman Contest

As you may already know, Brickhouse Books regretfully has decided to close its doors. Although we originally had hoped to continue with this year’s Wicked Woman contest, we have concluded that we cannot do so. Those who have submitted to this year’s contest will receive refunds in the coming weeks. We thank you so much for your interest in this contest and in the press, and we wish you all the best with your writing.