Our Authors

BrickHouse Books is proud to present works by these talented authors. Click an author’s name to learn more about the author and their BHB bibliography.

Gary Blankenburg
Aaron Axhoj Bond
Clarence Brown
Doritt Carroll
Hope Coulter
Wesli Court
Louie Crowder
Richard J. Fein
Andrei Guruianu
Warren Meredith Harris
Rachel Hennick
Mary Hoffman
Adrian Koesters
Miriam N. Kotzin
Louis Macaluso
Carlos Matos
John C. McLucas
John Mingo
Jan Mitchell-Sherrill
Alexander Motyl
Donald Richardson
Brad Sachs
Elisabeth Stevens
Bradley R. Strahan
J. Tarwood
John Adam Wasowicz
Peter Weltner
Kathi Wolfe
P. Ivan Young

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