Additional Tour Dates for Daingerfield Island – Virginia and New England

Virginia and New England, brace yourselves for the mysterious and thrilling Daingerfield Island! New November and December dates have been added to author John Adam Wasowicz’s fall tour.


18th & 19th – 2nd and Charles Bookstore (Woodbridge, VA), 11am-2pm

24th & 25th – Principle Art Gallery (Alexandria, VA), 10am-4pm
* PRESS * Mt. Vernon Gazette: Local Author Plans Book Signing in Alexandria

30th – Agora Downtown Coffee Shop (Fredericksburg, VA), 30, 4pm-6pm


2nd – Book Warehouse (Norfolk, VA), 11am – 3pm

7th – New England Book Mobile Fair (Newton Upper Falls, MA), 5pm-7pm

8th – Antidote Books (Putney, VT), 6:30pm – 8:30pm

16th – Book Warehouse (Williamsburg, VA), 11am – 3pm


Featured Excerpt: Poems from Adrian Koesters’ Three Days with the Long Moon

Cover image of THREE DAYS WITH THE LONG MOON, a collection of poems by Adrian Koesters. A full moon shines over silhouetted treetops.This month, we’re taking a peak inside Adrian Koesters’ latest, phenomenal release, Three Days with the Long Moon, a collection that author Kathleen Flenniken called “as intimate as love letters.” We agree, and we think you will too.


Remembering backwards, the dizzy recourse
of the year ahead, the one in which you said—you will say—
Remember. The mercy that was last year.

The story of her ankles, the phonograph
playing, the icy stops, fingers wringing,
ankles a cross message, an uncontrolled story.

Advertising the self, the self in one’s hands,
the year an iceberg on which a bell is set backwards,
the self a story of a clapper stopped

against the interior of a yoke. No mercy
at your hands, no rings, no touch uncontrolled.
Working at the backwards grasp, no moment

to finish. Between mercy and mercy
and control, between grasping and control,
between Tell me a story and Touch my hands.

The backward of mercy, the back word of mercy
likely is, will be, if you demand it, Remember.
Remember. The phonograph plays it, counter-clock.


A flaccid arm under the palm of desire
makes a game of hiding in itself
and becomes the bitter wealth of desire

Marriages renew on working promises
held up to cardboard and concrete,
they shine still in the wedding-glass of desire

She kisses an unspent cheek, he touches
her one good breast with his mind
after their long walk in the ruins of desire

The sweetness of all that didn’t happen
on their wedding night melts
when at last they try to snatch at desire

You’re on the threshold of the flash
that inflames old wives, but they won’t
trade in their little secrets of desire

A funnel of smoke, a nib of cocoa
on her lip, spent spirits inside his breath
concoct a likely story of desire

You remember the stones, the shell inside
your pocket, Adrian, the storm that threw
sands against the cottage window of desire

14 Lines on the Nature of Formality

When your friend addressed you as Dear
Heart last morning and Madame
Architect today. As when there are
no egg cups, and you must crack
the soft-boiled eggs into the plate. As when
your brother hands you his razor to shave
your legs, and the key to the wind-up
clock goes missing for lack of winding

and a couple of moves, and as when
in fact the bread has been tossed from the
cupboard but so the chocolate remains.
As when the nylons never leave the drawer.
As when your shoes are all flat ones,
dear heart, your shoes are all flat ones.

Here to Behave

for Peggy

The wolf’s a predator like any
other, so the storyteller says.
Dreaming we don wolf’s
clothes, make ourselves incomp-
rehensible and singular, then
waken, the same sheep.
Dawn brings armistice, recon-
ciliation till the next game
of dusk. Dawn sugar on fingers,
salt behind teeth. Sliced sun in
December fog, browned leaf
on the green bud. Juice of
grapefruit. Stone walk, birds
peck for what they peck. Fires
smoke themselves in the stacks,
walking sticks name us, good,
propels up the worst of the hills.

Yet the night, before the longest moon
rising, utter black. Our greatest friend.

Learn more about Adrian Koesters at Three Days with the Long Moon, and Koesters’ first release with BrickHouse Books, Many Parishes, are available now at online retailers.

Clarinda Harriss On the Record with Sheilah Kast

Clarinda Harriss will be appearing on WYPR’s On The Record with host Sheilah Kast.  Clarinda will be talking about BHB, and the upcoming, dual-signing event at the Ivy Bookshop with authors John C. McLucas and John Adam Wasowicz!

Catch the interview this Friday, November 3rd, at 9:30am by tuning into 88.1 FM in the Baltimore region, or by streaming the station on your computer or mobile device.


A Daingerous Dialogue with BHB Authors at the Ivy Bookshop

Authors John C. McLucas and John Adam Wasowicz will appear at the Ivy Bookshop on Tuesday, November 7th! Join BrickHouse Books in celebrating their recently released novels, Dialogues on the Beach and Daingerfield Island!  You’ll hear excerpts from these fascinating tales, and get a chance to have your copies signed by their respective authors!

Cover for DIALOGUES ON THE BEACH, a novel by John C. McLucas. A painting by artist Minas Konsolas on the cover: an empty boardwalk bench overlooks an empty Rehoboth beach.Cover for DAINGERFIELD ISLAND by John Adam Wasowicz. A stylistic illustration: Silhouetted against water is a floating body, presumably dead. The deceased wears a dress and a distinct necklace, the latter of which is not in silhouette.


Tuesday, November 7th, 2017 @ 7pm
The Ivy Bookshop
6080 Falls Road
Baltimore, MD 21209

October Excerpts: What the Waking See by J. Tarwood

Cover Image: Two people in marriage attire walk down a street crowded with houses. They walk away from us. TEXT: WHAT THE WAKING SEE, New and Selected Poems by J. Tarwood

Greetings, BHB friends and family! Time for another monthly edition of our featured excerpts! This month, we’re reading poetry from J. Tarwood‘s latest BHB release, What the Waking See.


When he says he understands
how we feel, he means,
shut up and grieve, girl, for me!

So many props we need to be
ourselves, brown hair rivering
an eye. cheeks a brisk shine,
heels rocketing, rings blessing—
all the little sisters inhaling labor
to make one lovely enough
to step out the door.

Whatever he says, he wants
a mask, as do we. Stay
grateful with coffee in hand,
morning reddening shade, alone
as granite in a dune.
He’ll be outlasted beautifully,

understanding nothing.


Reason flowers
beautifying necessity,
most enchanting of knots.

The ugly love the beautiful.
Of course. Wisely,
the beautiful learn
to love the ugly.
Who else would die for them?

Light’s late in winter.
Hand in hand, so many
furred lovelies, laughing
in morning mist, every kiss
tightening the knot.

What the Waking See is available now at online retailers

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Stonewall Chapbook Competition – Deadline OCTOBER 15th! Submit now!

The October 15th Deadline for the Stonewall Chapbook Competition nears!

Winners receive the publication of their chapbook from our Stonewall Imprint!

We can’t wait to read your submissions! Head to our Stonewall Submissions Page and submit your LGBTQIA+ works now!