Editing Tips for Writers of all Levels

“One last thing about good editing: It’s an act of friendship, not an act of hostility. Professional-level edits—the kind that would occur on the copy desks of major news magazines—make the writer look smarter. So if a skillful editor revises your work, be grateful, never resentful.” – Bryan A. Garner

Here is the rest of this fantastic article about conversational writing styles and editing advice!




Be in the Know About Kensington Row

On Wednesday, September 28th, the Kensington Row Bookshop will play host to a poetry reading/open mic night.  Starting at 7pm, this event will feature the works of W. Luther Jett and Karran LaLonde Alenier.  Budding poets will have the chance to show off their talents following the official readings.  The reading will be free to the public.

A Very “Uppity” Birthday Celebration!

Save the date for September 23rd, because BhB’s very own “Uppity Blind Girl,” Kathi Wolfe, will be doing a poetry reading on her birthday!  She, along with fellow poet Micheal Davis are taking on the Poet Experience at Zu Cafe’ from 6:30 to 8:30pm. And make sure to bring some compositions of your own for the open mic portion of the evening. You won’t want to miss this incredible display of talent!

“Uppity Girl” Kathi Wolfe, Helen Keller, and hot dogs

“Uppity Blind Girl Poems” author Kathi Wolfe’s latest triumph comes in the form of a simple poem involving  an unlikely trio: Helen Keller, a hot dog, and love. This Stonebrook Chapbook Competition winner penned a memorable piece hailed as ” a poem filled with sex just as much as love,” Wolfe gives Keller a new life as someone other than the saintly disability advocate in her own unique way.

To get your own taste…here’s a review of “She Loved Hot Dogs So Much.”



Apple of Sodom named a “must-read”


Congratulations to BrickHouse Books author Mary Hoffman for the glowing review of her book Apple of Sodom! In the words of Rosemary Barkes, a reviewer with the Pen Woman Magazine, the book is “an educational, eye-opening, heart-wrenching and exciting peek into the lives of those who deviate from the norm” and “a must-read.” Click here to read the full review or here to purchase Apple of Sodom.