A Lot of Trouble – Elgin Crofft – 2020

In a Lot of Trouble: A Baltimore Mystery by Elgin Crofft
A Lot of Trouble
A Baltimore Mystery
by Elgin Crofft

A professional grad student, an engineering consultant, and a former Major League pitcher enter the wine cellar of a trendy bistro on New Year’s Eve, but this is no joke: One leaves on a stretcher, one is carried out in a body bag, and one speeds off in a stolen car. The book introduces an odd pair of amateur sleuths, Cressida Fortune and Don Mandarino, who are often mistaken for a couple, but, as Cress likes to explain, “One of us is a lesbian.”

“Elgin Crofft brings a fiendishly witty new voice to the genre of detective Fiction.” – K Edgington

Published July 15, 2020
Paperback | $20.00 USD

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