Daingerfield Island – John Adam Wasowicz – 2017

Daingerfield Island
by John Adam Wasowicz

Elmo Katz, a defense attorney from Alexandria, is no stranger to the bureaucracy and twisted truths that lurk in the justice system, but his world is upended when he finds himself entangled in the roots of a complex terrorist plot. Places he once navigated with ease are now obscured by shadows. Katz must weave his way through political intrigue, courtroom machinations, and police skulduggery to save what’s left of the truth—and himself.

Published July 14, 2017
Paperback | $22.00 USD

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Praise for Daingerfield Island:

Daingerfield Island puts the ‘I’ in danger: intelligent, imaginative, intriguing. The book is a timely metaphor about the power of alternative facts in a post-truth world.” –Michael Neff, author of All The Dark We Will Not See