Epitaphs for the Poets – Wesli Court – 2012

Cover for EPITAPHS FOR THE POETS by Wesli Court.  Image is a portrait of renowned poet and playwright, Christopher Marlowe.
Epitaphs for the Poets
by Wesli Court

Wesli Court’s Epitaphs for the Poets consists of 100+ very short poems (in various forms including the limerick) encapsulating the lives (and often the manner of death) of poets ranging from the extremely well known, such as Christopher Marlowe—whose handsome and touchingly youthful portrait appears on the cover—to the gifted-but-obscure. Not all the poets included are quite ready for their tombstones to be carved; some are alive and well. But not a one of them is exempt from the mordant wit of Wesli Court, aka Lewis Turco, author of The Books of Forms and many collections of his own poetry.

“This wonderful catalogue of witty and sometimes poignant, sometimes caustic observations on the ‘lives of the poets’ entertains and provokes us as its pithy barbs penetrate the crusty surface of literature—I loved them all!” — Clay Reynolds, Ars Poetica

Published March 1, 2012
Paperback | $15.00 USD

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