Jones Point – John Adam Wasowicz – 2019

Jones Point
by John Adam Wasowicz

Two grisly murders and a deadly firefight on the Woodrow Wilson bridge put Mo Katz, U.S. Attorney EDVA, on a collision course with a rogue intelligence operative and a sinister person of interest.  The much-anticipated follow-up to Wasowicz’s successful debut, Daingerfield Island.

Published September 1, 2019
Paperback | $22.00 USD

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Praise for Jones Point:

“IN THIS LATEST PAGE-TURNER from John Wasowicz, Alexandrians can put themselves smack in the middle of the action. Familiar landmarks dot the pages and make for one fun read!” — Mary Ann Barton, editor, Alexandria Living Magazine

“WASOWICZ CAPTIVATES AGAIN! From the opening scene readers are thrust into a terrorist plot. From there we sleuth vicariously through a new favorite character, Elmo Katz. Jones Point is a must read.” – Ralph Peluso, literary editor, The Zebra Press, Alexandria, VA

“GOOD TO SEE U.S. ATTORNEY MO KATZ waging the fight against terrorism!” – Brian Moran, former Virginia prosecutor and member of the Virginia General Assembly

“I ENJOYED THE SIMPLICITY AND FLUIDITY of the writing style of Jones Point. As I entered the world of Mo Katz, I felt like I was taking a ride around Virginia.” – Hanan Daqqa, arts and entertainment editor, Fairfax County Times