ReUNIONS – Donald Richardson – 2017

New and Selected Poems by Donald Richardson

This new collection of poetry from Donald Richardson is quilted from decades of work, spanning from Knocking Them Dead and Night Waters to Romantic Unions, new poems from 2016 and 2017. In many ways, the poems are messages to loved ones, a scrapbook of memories and reflections, things so deeply personal yet ubiquitous to the human experience.

Portraits on the cover, beautifully rendered by artist Bob Callahan, capture the essence of reflection, and are the perfect partners to Richardson’s poems.

Published in 2017
Paperback | $15.00 USD

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Donald Richardson has been writing poetry for decades, with many thanks given to his Uncle Ken for his endless support. A proud father and grandfather, Donald lives in Annapolis, Maryland, and travels frequently to the West Coast to visit his loving family. Donald’s recent work includes Love Is Yes (2015) and THEFT (2013), published with BrickHouse Books, and his newest collection, ReUNIONS (2017), is available to order now.