The Kit Poems – Jan-Mitchell Sherrill – 2007

The Kit Poems
by Jan-Mitchell Sherrill

Powerful poems of love—man for man, for friends, for family—betrayal, resolution.

“Sherrill’s lyric achievement alone warrants a permanent place for The Kit Poems in the collection of anyone who cares about the future of poetry.” — Dan Jones

“Allusive, sensual, and utterly human, Jan Sherrill’s The Kit Poems trace the trajectory of love, loss, and what we end with. From the beauty of Nureyev in the Atlanta Airport and ‘the roar of jet engines’ carnal/ lullaby’ to the ‘bruises, like clematis’ that are sustained both inside and out, these poems bespeak humanity in all of its loveliness, rawness, and sadness. Finally though, this searing collection shows us how, in the act of moving on, we do learn how to be ‘Saved,’ even if it is with ‘bruise/ absence, fear and trembling.’ ” – Moira Egan

Published December 1, 2007
Stonewall, an imprint of BrickHouse Books
Paperback | $20.00 USD

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