The Sublime Way – J. Tarwood – 2020

The Sublime Way by J. Tarwood
The Sublime Way
by J. Tarwood

Poet J. Tarwood explores the human comedy in its ironies and griefs in a globalized world from China to Dubai to the American Midwest. Strangers are neighbors, neighbors are strangers. He sees us all—himself included—with the eye of a traveler.

“J. Tarwood’s latest collection demonstrates, once again, his superb ear, his unerring sense of pacing and compression, his striking and surprising images and tropes. A long-time world traveler and expatriate, he brings uncommon wisdom and spirituality to his work: like the Jesus in one of his poems, he’s “made damn sure/he was never more/ than just passing through.” In the world but not of it, his point of view allows him a vivid, often brutally honest, perspective: steamy sex, junkyard dogs, abusive fathers who won’t stay dead. These are wonderful, memorable poems.” –Philip St. Clair, author of ARIEL CREEK and RED CUP, GREEN LEAVES

“. . .[J. Tarwood’s poems reveal] an interior that is quick and indeed weirdly sublime. A wonderful book.” —Norman Dubie, author of THE QUOTATIONS OF BONE and the VOLCANO

Published January 2020
Paperback | $20.00 USD

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