To the Final Cinder – Peter Weltner – 2013

To the Final Cinder
by Peter Weltner

Published July 1, 2013
Paperback | $20.00 USD

TO THE FINAL CINDER captures what it is to be human. It is a humane poetry without artificiality, a poetry that accepts, without reservation, the whipsaw of joy and pain we all must live through. Despite its title there are no cinders here but live coals glowing with life.”

— Bradley R. Strahan, editor, Visions International; author of This Art of Losing.

“Formal. Beautiful. Tough. Intricate. Musical. In love with language and music. Romantic. Strong. Homoerotic. Intelligent. Excellent. Flowing. Tight. Descriptive. Narrative. Emotional. Internal world of memory and imagination. Dedication. Serious. Dedication to beauty. Meaning. Formal. Excessive. Glamorous. Finds love and passion in the sea, hunger in dust. Urgent. Moral. Difficult. Strong and painful. Loss. Beauty rescues. Desire. Symphonic. Sad. Ambitious. Large and brave. I feel breath­less and sad that the world I live in doesn’t care or is avoiding the size, scale, bounty, moral rigor, and passion of our lives that can be found here.”

— Linda Gregg, author of All of It Singing: New and Selected Poems

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