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Authors must submit through email attachments. We are no longer accepting submissions via snail mail. Please be sure to send manuscript as a .doc or .docx file.  Please be sure that all your contact information –– name, postal address, email address, phone number –– appears on your title page. Also make sure to include a cover letter telling us a bit about the submission (such as genre, intended audience, length, etc). Reading fees must be postal-mailed to BhB via a check made out to BrickHouse Books.   

You are welcome to submit simultaneously to other publishers so long as you notify us immediately if your manuscript is accepted elsewhere.

Send reading fee (made out to BrickHouse Books, Inc.) here:
Clarinda Harriss, BhB, Inc.
306 Suffolk Road
Baltimore, MD 21218

Send manuscripts to

BhB/NPS has resumed reading POETRY submissions.
Please read the submissions guidelines.


  • Complete manuscript, not a sample. BhB prefers manuscripts of 50 to 200 pages, with a max of 350. One page = 250 words.
  • Reading fee: $10 for the first 50 pages, 50 cents for each additional page, with a maximum reading fee of $100. Even if submitting electronically, please still send the reading fee in the form of a check to the above address. Make your check out to BrickHouse Books. You will get a lot of detailed comments for your money!
  • Self-addressed, stamped envelope large enough to hold the manuscript so that it may be returned to you.
  • Be prepared, upon request, to submit the manuscript in digital form as an email attachment.
  • DO NOT use Certified Mail. Do NOT query by phone.

We advise authors to look at a copy of  a previous BhB book to get a feel for what we do. Write to BhB at the above address and enclose a $5 check made out to BrickHouse Books for a sample from our out-of-print stock. (Let us choose which book to send.) You can also read a few excerpts from our previously published books.

Email queries to the editor-in-chief are welcome: Note: It’s Harriss with 2 ss’s.

Submission requirements change if you are submitting to New Poets Series or the Stonewall chapbook competition. Please see those pages for more information.

If you are accepted, our usual press run is 100-1,200 copies, of which the author receives 20, along with BHB’s sales and review support.

If you are not accepted you will receive more than a simple rejection letter. We believe in giving more than a curt, and useless, “Try again.” We will give you a detailed, personal critique of your work describing what worked well and what could be improved in an effort to help you move closer to your goal of publication in the future.

Thank you!

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