Honoring Baltimore Poet With Her Poetry

In honor of Baltimore poet Dyane Fancey, Baltimore Fishbowl featured an article, “Baltimore Poet Dyane Fancey Dies, Leaves Us with Perfect Poem,” discussing her poem “Multitasking.” The article wonderfully analyzes Fancey’s poem and, despite Fancey’s passing, reminds us death “is as good a reason as any not to worry, but instead simply to “Be here, / Here, now.”

Fancey’s work includes “A Religion of Skin,” published by The New Poets Series (now BrickHouse Books). For more information about Fancey, read The Baltimore Sun‘s article on the poet here.

The Tribune Archives yield vintage photo

From 1979 comes a flashback photograph featuring a moment in time of “Poetry at the Angel,” a long-running series co-hosted by Dyane Fancey and Clarinda Harriss at The Angel Tavern in Fells point. Every Sunday for three straight years, readers ranging from poets laureates to bag ladies to drunks arrived and shared their work.

L-R: The late Jessica Locklear, Frank Evans, and Clarinda Harriss (then surnamed Lott).