Ricardo Nirenberg reviews Miriam Kotzin’s The Real Deal

In a recent review by Ricardo Nirenberg, posted in Off Course: A Literary Journey, he called Miriam Kotzin’s first novel “political, realistic and of today, therefore – it clearly couldn’t be otherwise – cynical, acerbic and absurd.”  Nirenberg, who has edited Off Course since 1998 and teaches at the University at Albany, praised The Real Deal, calling “a lot of fun to read” and full of “sharp, dry, acid wit.”

For the full text of the review, check it out here!

Announcing eBooks!

BrickHouse Books knows how much you love books you can feel, smell, dogear, chew around the edges, etc., and so do we.  However, sometimes an eBook version is just the thing for convenient travel or storage of a vast collection.  We’re proud to say that you can now purchase the following BrickHouse Books publications for your e-reader (Kindle, Nook, Moby, Sony, etc.):

Clarence Brown, NEEDS

Miriam Kotzin, The Real Deal

Edward McCrorie, Gretchen: A Story in Verse

Baari Shabazz et al, For Colored Guys Who Have Gone Beyond Suicide and Found No Rainbow.  (Note: eBook publication of this book marks its fifth printing.   First editions are selling on eBay for $250.)

The Real Deal reviewed by Baltimore Gay Life

Terri Solomon writes, “In Miriam N. Kotzin’s The Real Deal, readers encounter United States President Abe Featherman, a closeted gay Native American. He’s confronted with two immense personal fabrications, his sexuality and his race, and both lies are about to get him into trouble. Now that Election Day has passed and the dust is settling, political junkies can get a fictional fix in this critique of the current American political and social scene.” Read more . . .