Artifact Coffee reading event!

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Join us for a fun reading event at Artifact Coffee on Monday, November 11 at 7:00 PM. BrickHouse Books author Clarence Brown will be reading from his book Needs.

Great opportunity to hear some great reading and drink some coffee. What more can you ask for? Hope to see you there!

Praise for Clarence Brown!

Dan Cuddy, poet and editor had the following to say about Clarence Brown’s NEEDS:

“I thought his reading from his novel was gripping. The subject matter doesn’t interest me in itself but Brown’s writing brought the characters and scenes alive. You felt for the characters too. They weren’t newspaper-like figures but real people though, of course, they are fictional. However, it seems obvious that he has had the misfortune in some way to be witness to that horrid world. Brown’s detail and his verbal dexterity rivet. I can see why you and others are bowled over by his writing. Good writing can lift a repugnant subject from the mire, give people who society stigmatizes as ‘drug addicts’ and make them alive for us to where we feel for them. There is both a participation in and a detachment from the scene. Those contradictory qualities help allow us to share the story. The bottom-line for the book’s success is Clarence Brown’s writing skill.”

Clarence Brown reading Wednesday 2/29

Can you tell we’re excited about Clarence Brown’s Needs? If you’ve heard Clarence on The Signal or saw him at Eubie Blake, or you’re just curious to learn what all the fuss is about, come on out to the Charles Village Barnes & Noble Wednesday, February 29. The reading starts at 7, and Clarence will sign books after. Post-Valentine’s presents, anyone?

Review of Needs

Thanks to David Szabo, Naval Academy midshipman, for this lovely review!

In Clarence Brown’s book Needs, the author takes you into the world of heroin addiction. His is a beautiful story of a fictional cop, Brenda, an addict who is helped to recovery. There is never a dull moment in this short fiction. At 155 pages, it is not at all a time consuming read. In fact, you will likely have a very hard time putting it down after reading only the first couple of pages.

No details are spared in this novella. It can be, at times, shocking. The read in itself was its own reward, and you will be sad when the ride is over. I sure was. I would definitely recommend getting this book.

Reading this Wednesday, 2/8!

Looking for some fun and mental stimulation? Be at the Poe Room on the second floor of Pratt Library’s Central branch 6:30 Wednesday for an evening of poetry and conversation. Clarinda Harriss (BhB’s director) and Bruce Sager (winner of the City Lit Project 2010 Harriss Poetry Prize) will be reading and discussing their work.  Clarence Brown, whose own book NEEDS is creating quite a stir, should also be in attendance.

While you’re at the gorgeous Central Library, check out the street-level display windows. Fancy getting your own poetry shown there? They’re running a poetry contest through February 21, and the winner will also get their work published in the Little Patuxent Review and read at the next CityLit Festival. Not too shabby!

Clarence Brown, NEEDS

BhB is ecstatic to announce that Clarence Brown’s kick-ass novella NEEDS came out January 5. In a matter of hours, we began hearing buzz about movie/TV possibilities. If you think HOMICIDE was powerful, you ain’t seen nothin yet.

For starters, the central character is a female Baltimore City police detective who is also a heroin addict and an unwilling psychic. But it’s not just the story that makes this book great. It’s the great writing. Brown’s juggling of multiple voices and multiple points of view is breathtaking.

The book’ll be available directly from the distributor,, in a day or so, as well as from major chains. One reader/writer/critic just emailed me that NEEDS is a “fail to read this at your own risk” book. Don’t take chances — read it!