What They’re Saying About BHB

“Every book of mine that BrickHouse Books has published has been beautiful to see and a pleasure to hold. Clarinda Harriss has consistently been able to produce a book that is attuned to my poems.” – Richard J. Fein, author of B’KLYN, REVERSION, MOTHER TONGUE, ICE LIKE MORSELS, AT THE TURKISH BATH, and KAFKA’S EAR

“Careful with layout, a pleasure to deal with and great support when one publishes with Brickhouse Books.” – W.M. Rivera, author of BURIED IN THE MIND’S BACKYARD

“BHB and its driving force, Clarinda Harriss, take seriously the mission of a vibrant small press — to locate, nurture, and grow new poetic voices.” – Dorritt Carroll, author of IN CAVES

“The best editorial assistance I have ever received took place while Clarinda Harriss was making Gretchen, my chapbook / short story in verse, not only a good product of BhB but a super one. At one point she even sent me detailed (and often fascinating) comments on a full-length paper copy of the text.” “I’m thrilled by your comments about my comments.  I loved reading your ms., which is why I scribbled all over it.   And I loved that you took a few of the suggestions while showing me the error of some of my ways vis a vis some of the others.” – Edward McCrorie, author of GRETCHEN, GONE GAMES, and NEEDLE MAN

“After working with Clarinda Harriss of BrickHouse Books on two books, SIRENS’ SONGS of 2011 and IMPOSSIBLE INTERLUDES of 2012, I am extremely grateful to have such a kind, understanding and well-informed editor. Hoping to do another book with BrickHouse in 2012 or after.” – Elisabeth Stevens, author of SIRENS’ SONGS and IMPOSSIBLE INTERLUDES

“Now in its fourth decade, BrickHouse Books has navigated the stormy seas of publishing by staying the course as an independent voice for art and the authors who create it.  The cultural community cherishes this mission and looks forward to BrickHouse contributing to our literary world for years to come.” – Gregg A. Wilhelm, executive director of CityLit Project and publisher of CityLit Press

“Oh, what a treasure! Everybody who is anybody is in here, in a lively mix of the present and the departed! Gorgeous cover, too.” – Rhina P. Espaillat, about Lewis Turco’s forthcoming EPITAPHS

“I’m now late for my doctor’s appointment because I can’t put this book down!  I am so drawn in . . . .” – Shannon Avery, about Clarence Brown’s NEEDS

One thought on “What They’re Saying About BHB

  1. I am thankful everyday for Clarinda Harriss and her wonderful press. My book A SCHOOL FOR FISHERMEN is still going strong and just got reviewed in Portugal, which is so cool. A necessary and essential small press. –Carlo Matos, author of A SCHOOL FOR FISHERMEN and COUNTING SHEEP TILL DOOMSDAY

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