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Cover for Kathi Wolfe's Love and Kumquats: New and Selected Poems

Love and Kumquats – Kathi Wolfe – 2019

Cover: Chelsea Creek by Linda Quinlan

Chelsea Creek – Linda Quinlan – 2019

Cover for LUSCIOUS STRUGGLE by Carrie Conners.

Luscious Struggle – Carrie Conners – 2019

Vespers on Point Reyes – Peter Weltner – 2019

Cover of ReUNIONS by Donald Richardson. Cover is mostly blank, with the sketch of a man with his back slightly turned toward us. His posture is relaxed; his hands are in his pockets, his sleeves rolled up, and he appears to be reflecting on his life. A signature of the artist, Bob Callahan, is prominently figured beside the man. TEXT reads: ReUNIONS: New and Selected Poems by Donald Richardson.

ReUNIONS – Donald Richardson – 2017

The horizon of a sea stretches out before us. Below the image reads: The Light of the Sun Become Sea, Peter Weltner

The Light of the Sun Become Sea – Peter Weltner – 2017

Cover Image: Two people in marriage attire walk down a street crowded with houses. They walk away from us. TEXT: WHAT THE WAKING SEE, New and Selected Poems by J. Tarwood

What the Waking See – J. Tarwood – 2017

Cover image of THREE DAYS WITH THE LONG MOON, a collection of poems by Adrian Koesters. A full moon shines over silhouetted treetops.

Three Days with the Long Moon – Adrian Koesters – 2017

Cover for Aaron Axhoj Bond's poetry collection, IN GRAY. Features old family photographs clipped to a line strung across the cover. The photographs are presented in color, while the background they are hung against is in grayscale.

In Gray – Aaron Axhoj Bond – 2016

Text-Only Book Cover. Text: NOT A SEPARATE SURGE, New and Selected Poems 1984-2015, Richard J. Fein

Not a Separate Surge – Richard J. Fein – 2016

Cover for THE RETURN OF WHAT'S BEEN LOST, Stories and Poems by Peter Weltner. A lone, rail-thin and shadowed nude figure stands centered before an abysmal darkness.

The Return of What’s Been Lost – Peter Weltner – 2016

Cover of LOVE IS YES by Donald H. Richardson, Jr. - A young child looks through a stone archway to see a gorgeous waterway cutting through lush hills. Below the image lies the text of the title and author.

Love Is Yes – Donald Richardson – 2015

Cover for WHY AM I TELLING YOU THIS? AND OTHER POEMS FROM PSYCHOTHERAPY by Brad Sachs, Ph.D. An illustration of a somber person in deep reflection. Their posture suggests they are closing themselves off to others.

Why Am I Telling You This? – Brad Sachs – 2015

Cover for STONE ALTARS by Peter Weltner. A lone statue, or perhaps even a person locked in the stillness of meditation, is surrounded by water which reflects only this figure. A ring of stone keeps this calm water from spilling out into the surrounding hazy clouds.

Stone Altars – Peter Weltner – 2015

Cover for AMERICAN NOCTURNE by Elisabeth Stevens. ILLUSTRATION: A sun sits on the horizon, casting a barn and its companion silo in shadow.

American Nocturne – Elisabeth Stevens – 2015

Cover for THE WHEEL OF LIGHT by Hope Coulter. IMAGE: An abstract spiral turns in on itself, calling to mind both a conch shell and the turn of light in spacetime.

The Wheel of Light – Hope Coulter – 2015

Cover for ABOVE ALL THINGS: POEMS AND DRAWINGS by Gary Blankenburg. IMAGE DESC: an almost Impressionist illustration of a daytime countryside landscape.

Above All Things – Gary Blankenburg – 2015

Cover for SMELL OF SALT, GHOST OF RAIN by P. Ivan Young. A photo: a crustacean sits on a beach, with calm waters and a blue sky behind them.

Smell of Salt, Ghost of Rain – P. Ivan Young – 2015

Cover for The UPPITY BLIND GIRL POEMS by Kathi Wolfe by Kathi Wolfe (WINNER, Stonewall Chapbook Competition). Image: A collection of vases sits on a table. Artistically rendered, the vases appear to be almost cubist mosaics, yet the perspective is that of a still life.

The Uppity Blind Girl Poems – Kathi Wolfe – 2015

Cover for A PARTING GLASS by Bradley R. Strahan. An old church sits behind a wrought-iron fence, each surrounded by emerald green grass. Weather gravestones pepper the grass.

A Parting Glass – Bradley R. Strahan – 2014

Cover for PORTRAIT WITHOUT A MOUTH by Andrei Guruianu. A faceless figure salutes the viewer beside a flag. The portrait is monochromatic and fades.

Portrait Without a Mouth – Andrei Guruianu – 2014

Cover for MADE IN THE IMAGE OF STONES by Andrei Guruianu. Behind an abstract shape we catch glimpses of a faded photograph depicting an old apartment building.

Made in the Image of Stones – Andrei Guruianu – 2014

Cover for AND FOR THE MOUTH A FLOWER by J. Tarwood. A stylish tattooed person poses with a dressed-up skeleton.

And For The Mouth A Flower – J. Tarwood – 2014

Cover image is in Black & White style to denote age/the past. Two young children, play and run in opposite directions, one heading for us, one away from us. They seem to be among a fenced garden. At the bottom of the image is this text: MANY PARISHES, poems by Adrian Koesters.

Many Parishes – Adrian Koesters – 2013

Cover for GLTTL STP, Poems by Doritt Carroll. A colorful illustration of a person smiling and touching their face.

GLTTL STP – Doritt Carroll – 2013

Cover for TO THE FINAL CINDER by Peter Weltner. An abstract mix of line art and painting. A figure amongst a possible word stands beside an arched door.

To the Final Cinder – Peter Weltner – 2013

Cover for THE OUTERLANDS by Peter Weltner. An abstract painting, with large, sweeping brushtrokes in the foreground, depict a horizon.

The Outerlands – Peter Weltner – 2012

Cover for THE NIGHT BALLERINA by Warren Meredith Harris. An illustrated side-profile of a ballerina contemplates their next move whilst standing before a window.

The Night Ballerina – Warren Meredith Harris – 2012

Cover for EPITAPHS FOR THE POETS by Wesli Court. Image is a portrait of renowned poet and playwright, Christopher Marlowe.

Epitaphs for the Poets – Wesli Court – 2012

Cover for SIRENS' SONGS by Elisabeth Stevens. Stevens' original artwork depicts a nude siren holding a skull. A lyre lies at the siren's feet.

Sirens’ Songs – Elisabeth Stevens – 2011

Cover for IN CAVES, poems by Doritt Carroll. Image shows an abstract representation of a cave.

In Caves – Doritt Carroll – 2010

Cover for THE KIT POEMS by Jan-Mitchell Sherrill. The silhouette of a person in a long coat, almost noir style, is anchored to the left half of the image. We are not shown the person's face.

The Kit Poems – Jan-Mitchell Sherrill – 2007

Cover for Brad Sachs' IN THE DESPERATE KINGDOM OF LOVE. Cover Image: An illustrated portrait of a bearded person with a somber expression. A heart symbol sits on their chest.

In the Desperate Kingdom of Love – Brad Sachs – 2004

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