Many Parishes – Adrian Koesters – 2013

Many Parishes
poems by Adrian Koesters

“Koesters’ Many Parishes is an original. The poems seem to smack the hard-ass contemporary world up against a deep spiritual sense, until we see they’re one and the same. Adrian Koesters is able to write of men calling out to a ten-year old ‘spinster’ to ‘come on down, sweetheart, I got something over here to show you,’ and allow us to feel in her small, frightened heart the identical anguish of soul as in the nun who’s ‘divided from the principalities and goes in terror of them.’ These poems, like the nuns, ‘take things personally.’ They’re lyrical confessions of the deepest griefs—abuse, divorce, doubt, and loneliness. They provide absolution, and positively joy, in their skillful and lucid singing.”  —Fleda Brown, author of No Need of Sympathy

Published in 2013
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Adrian Koesters’ poems have appeared in the Berkeley Poetry Review, the Gettysburg Review, the Saranac Review, and more. Her first collection of poetry, Many Parishes, was published by BrickHouse Books in 2013. She is the Research Editor for the Vice Chancellor of Research at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and lives in Omaha, Nebraska. Learn more at