5 Things to Think About Before Getting Published

By: Shelby Hillers

  1. Find outside sources to help– Once you finally have your manuscript together, give it to someone else to look over before sending it out. A fresh pair of eyes can help find any tiny mistakes you looked over and give you a new perspective on your work. You want to make sure your manuscript is the best version it can be before sending it out to be published.
  2. Research the different publishing companies – This might be a given but each publishing company publishes for a specific audience. If you’re writing a sci-fi novel and send it to a publishing company that only does romance novels, you’re not going to be hearing from them anytime soon. BrickHouse Books publishes poetry, fiction, drama, or artistic nonfiction and works hard to make what is published the best it can be. Just know your audience and understand what type of works they’re interested in along with what you as a writer get out of the experience.
  3. Know that there are different formats Once you get published (Congrats!! Time to celebrate!!), start thinking of the post-production of your book. One of the bigger questions is do you want your book to be only print or just an e-book or both? This also ties in with researching the publishing companies- know what format is best for you and your targeted audience along with what the publishing company can offer you.
  4. Marketing In order to spread the word about your book, you’re going to have to do some marketing. Whether that means a small book tour, social media publicity, or literary panels, know that you’ll soon have to be a social butterfly. The endless meet-and-greets are worth it when people appreciate the hard work you put into your writing.
  5. Don’t take rejection so personally Tons of writers get rejected, it’s part of the process. Just see it as you’re one step closer to finding the best option for your publishing your work. There’s a publishing company for everyone and there’s also different options like self-publishing as well. Don’t take rejection letters as a finite no but instead a “No thanks, try somewhere else and good luck!”


These are just some of the things to think about before getting published. The list could go on forever. But what are some things you consider before getting published or during the writing process? What’s the main experience you aim to get during the publishing process?


Shelby Hillers is the Online Assistant Editor for BrickHouse Books where she helps manage Facebook, Twitter, and the blog. She is a senior at Towson University majoring in English and minoring in Creative Writing. Her works have been published by The TowerlightLimerence Magazine, and TU Career Center’s co-written blog The Thriving Tiger.

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